Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Missing my man.

I woke up this morning in a funk. I was depressed. Im better now. I just really miss my husband. And not just for the extra help with the kids. I only have two, they are fine and I am able to manage (sure the extra relief is nice) but I miss my man. And yes I am remembering there are military wives and single mothers who go way longer than I do without their man, but I still miss him. It does help with perspective.. but for the here and now.. im sad. Well until I get to talk to him on the phone.

Jorgito misses him too. He has been extra clingy this week. He is not a clingy kid. And everytime he gets upset he cries for daddy. It's so sad. Four more days.

VBS is going well. Each day passes quicker and quicker. I love that I get to experience other little children and see what their behaviors are like. You truly can tell the difference in a child who gets consistent training at home and the ones who don't. Not for lack of trying on the mom's part, rather the ones who have older siblings and get away with alot more because mom is exhausted or the one whose mom just had a baby so they are taking their proverbial "two steps forward one step back" because mom is exhausted. ;-)

It really helps me empathize with the moms but I also try to encourage them when they come to pick up their child. Im that worker that (if you ask "how did they do today.") will tell you if there were any issues or awesome behaviors. One of our more strong willed children had some issues pushing so I let the mom know. She has an an older child and assured me that he she is working on it at home and she was gushing about how strong willed he was. I felt bad for her because I hoped she didn't think I was saying she was doing a bad job. In fact, I shared with her that my second born is the same way and told her the story of his ordeal in the chair after dinner (click here for that story). I don't want in any way to communicate that my children have arrived or that I know it all, Im just in that moment too where she is and hoped to encourage her while also letting her know he was still struggling with that behavior outside of the home.

anyway... Other than that.. the boys and I are doing well. Gun is still loaded. Only four more days. ;-) In honor of missing my man here are some pics that remind me why he is so great! (i tried to post more than two but my computer started acting up).

He has a sick sense of humor (here he thought it was funny to have the big fish stand next to the whale-my words not his)

He is very patient..even if there are a zillion kids jumping on him.

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Ole Miss Mom said...

I hope you're making it! Random.....but my daughter is THOROUGHLY enjoying the Briarwood VBS this week! I'm so impressed with how well it is going....after TWO days, she could recite Psalm 1....she's only 5!!!! And she went in not knowing a soul...I'm super proud of how brave she is!!! Anyway, hang in guys are doing an incredible job up there!!!!

Room E105...;-) The teachers are AWESOME!!!