Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Poop and Prayer.

My three year old has no paci. Today at nap time I, once again, found him playing with his poop. This time he was putting the poop on his little yellow toy bus. He got his spanking and then I sent him back to bed without his paci. he only asked for it once and then fell asleep. I explained, when he woke up, that when he poops on the potty he will get his paci (for bedtimes) back. My sister, Mishka, had a great idea too. If he continues to put poop on things (even without his paci) then I start taking those toys away. But guys here is what I need:

For you to pray! This may seem like a humorous event, although I assure it is not. This is a sure sign of the passive aggressive sin of my toddler. For whatever reason he has decided to dig his feet in and fight. And we can not let him win. It would be one thing if it was just the issue of him not pooping on the potty. But when he continues to play with it, regardless of consequence, its a much bigger issue. I need to know if you would commit this to prayer. Pray that his heart will be repentant and that he would obey.

On another note I went to Bible study this morning. It's our summer drop in series. But today was about trusting God with your finances. An issue that we have had lots of fun learning this past year in a deeper way than we have had in our five years of marriage. Anyhoo.. one of the practical applications at the end was to remember those times, and tell others, when God has provided for you in a way you didn't expect. Well, recently I was just thinking about how cool it is that even though I have not one stitch of girls clothing for Eva's arrival (having had two boys) God has provided so much already that her closet is already full. My sister, Mishka, gave me a ton of dresses (0-6 months) and she has more to follow, although it will get harder because they are off season. She also gave me a box full of tights and even a box full of girl shoes. But then my neighbor down the street has a little girl that is the same season as Eva (even a September baby) and brought us a box full of everyday clothes that are soooo cute. Eva's bedding was paid for by a gift certificate that I had for two years to Pottery Barn and could never find anything that I could stomach spending all that money on. But boy I had no problem using that gift card on some pink bedding! And even have some left over to spare. (thanks mom and dad terry). On top of that my friend Christina wants to host a baby shower for me at her house and if we can knock diapers out of the way I will literally have no need of anything!!
Isn't God good? Yes!

Oh yeah, I was also running out of maternity clothes (everything was getting to small b/c Eva is in a ball right in the front of my belly) and my sister dropped off two boxes of clothes she forgot lent to someone else and that person brought them back. The cool thing is that I hadn't told my sister I was in need of some more clothes (because I already had one box of her stuff already). My point is I am always amazed at how much God deals in the details.

Therefore I know he can answer our prayers as we pray for Jorgito and his poop issues. Now that is some serious detail!

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Anonymous said...

Girl, I am with you on sharing what God has done for you. I had been saving our stories and last year I finally sat down and did a little journal album with all of our stories in them. Reminds me I need to catch up. You never know when your story will minister to someone else.

I like what you said about your little guy continuing to disobey regardless of consequences...we are in the same boat with Elliya and her sassy talk and constantly reminding her to be gentle with her sister. She has the same consequences each time yet the behavior continues. I'll be praying that you will be able to continue in your dilligence to teach him.