Sunday, June 1, 2008

A little warning...

Well I know how dangerous it is to post this but I must warn you (those who would think of breaking into my house) I have a fully loaded gun and I am quite capable of using it to put a cap in your rear:

My husband is out of town for 9 days. Sad. He is on a business trip with a little bit of pleasure mixed in. He has an RNFA (Registered Nurse First Assistant) training conference in Taos, New Mexico that starts tomorrow and ends on Saturday. He will be home June 8th. But he left on Friday. He got out there early so that he could visit the Grand Canyon.

Get this. He calls me to tell me that he decided against hiking down into the canyon (good news to me since I was afraid he would fall in-lol). But then he adds, "instead, Im going to take a helicopter ride through it." After finding out how much that little one hour ride would cost the following just happened to "slip" out of my mouth:

"Jorge Garcia don't you ever, and I mean EVER, complain about me wanting to go to the beach and how expensive it is! You may not be willing to dish out the money for the beach but you will dish it out if its something YOU want to do."
He agreed. Good man. Smart man.

So I may get a beach trip before the summer is over, we'll see! ;-)

Of course when your husband is out of town things happen that make you appreciate the extra help, such as:
-the first morning he is gone.. Jorgito wakes up with a 104.3 temperature (thankfully it was a 24 hour thing)
-it rains after church. which means you get to walk to the van (instead of dh picking you up) with your big belly and two toddlers, while trying to hold an umbrella.
-a giant bug crawls across your kitchen floor. Of course, its life is spared because I don't move as quickly as I used to and besides.. that is one thing that is definately my husbands job. Unless a life is in danger.
-my kids attempt to jump and rough house with me since daddy is not here for them to jump on. but again, I can not oblige their request.

I do have VBS this week. I will be with the 2 year olds. So that should keep us busy the first half of the day. The boys will probably fall asleep in the van on the way home but at least they should be tired enough to go back to sleep once they get inside the house. We'll pray that's the case.

well if I don't post again until next week you should understand that I am exhausted, worn out, or I have shot an intruder in the head and am standing trial for murder (did I mention that back in my paintball days I was called The Black Widow!). I have six bullets, but I only need one!


Anonymous said...

Rachel this will be a great time to realize why we all should be praying for the wives and children left behind while our brave soldiers go off to war for some up to 15 months. It is very hard for me to phatom how in the world these families handle that. Mike will be going over for 15 months in July leaving just a wife behind. I am concerned for her but how do the mothers handle it? I just got an e-mail asking for us to all say a minute prayer at 9pm each night for us to pray for our country and leaders. I dare say we need to do just that.

Marsha said...

Rachel, you crack me up!

Natalie said...

Yup! Bugs and boogers are the two things I can't(translated-won't)handle without my man.