Monday, June 16, 2008

That's what I get...

well last night my dear husband and I sat down to watch a movie. We had put the boys to bed but knew that Jorgito had not fallen asleep yet. As the custom lately he will come out of his room at least three times to ask to go pee-pee. Since he went before we put him in bed and he had a poopie earlier that day (one a day is his record) I told him "no. its time to go to bed or you will get a spanking." Well he came out one last time and my husband had mercy on him and did the explaining one last time. But mommy took it one step further. I told him "Jorge if you come out of this room again i am going to take your paci away." He said, "okay mommy." And off he went to bed.

Fast forward 45 minutes and Big Jorge asked to pause the movie so that he could go to the bathroom. He comes back 10 seconds later and says "do you want to come look at what your son is doing?"

Well obviously NOT..

I brace myself before I enter his room. He was playing with his train table. The catch was the obvious smell of poop in the room (it about knocked you over when you walked in) and then the brown poop all over his hands. He had reached in the back of Pull-up (which I am SO done with), got it on his hands and then smeared it all over some of his toys. He didn't come get me because he didn't want me to take his paci away! That's what I get for telling him that.

People this child did that once when he was about 8 months old and that was the first and last time he ever did that. Are you telling me that now my 3 year old is going to be fascinated with poop NOW?

**Even as I type this 12:45 p.m.. he just came out of his room (naptime) having done the same thing (the touching the poop part) but thankfully this time he did not play in it.

at least there is comfort that he won't be doing this in kindergarten.

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Missy said...

EEEK! Did you by any chance recently watch the movie Madagascar?
The monkey says "If you have any poo, fling it now!" Funny line, but some of our crazy kids might take it literally!
Thats definetly one for the books though. Bring that one up when he brings home a serious girlfriend :)