Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Funnies and babbling..

At the church picking up Alex from his room: 
Jorge: (calling for Alex) "Hey Awex.. you mommy is here."

Today during "nap time" both boys are cutting up while in their beds. then I hear Alex making "zerberts" on his arm and Jorge laughing hysterically. Followed by: 
"Awex.. do it again.  Awex do it again pweese."

I love those boys.  They are fun to watch as they interact together.  I'm seeing the advantages of them being so close in age.  But also seeing that this time next year (or even in the next 6 months) its going to get pretty ugly.   Alex will probably be as big or bigger than Jorge (in weight) and then the battle is on!  You mom's of boys are going to have to help me work through the boundaries with the wrestling.   ;-) And how to explain that to a three and two year old. 

Alex is turning 2 at the end of this month (29th) and I am excited.  He is understanding so much more and becoming better voice operated.  Although, he is still disobedient and not always obeying the first time we tell him to do something.  He really struggles with the whole : delayed obedience is NO obedience thing.  But he is also early enough in the game that if he just sees the "rod" he corrects his behavior.   

I have also been out several times with all three kiddos and I must say that moms are right, its a much easier transition with the third than it was with the second.  I dunno why, but it is.   We still don't stay out as long because I end up having to deal with discipline issues, but we do get out.  I must say, I am really enjoying it so far.  

well I'll talk at 'cha later!  


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Ole Miss Mom said...

Glad to hear things are getting easier! :-) I thought the transition to 3 was the easiest so far. Of course, now the 3rd is 15 months and I feel like I chase her all over the place when I put her down!! Wish she was still in that bucket seat!! haha