Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tagged for Baby tips

Way back in April of this year I was tagged in a blog by Rachel C. to do baby tips.  Of course I never saw that blog post until tonight and I am just now getting to it.  Of course you have to check out Rachel's post to understand the idea.. or you may catch on as you read here..

Baby Tips (in case you're interested, or not) from Rachel Garcia: 

Try not to give your toddler too much to drink before bedtime as this can cause them to pee more while they sleep. 

NEVER put a baby on their belly to sleep: 


Its best not to give "junk foods" to kids at an early age. Especially sweets. 

It is too dangerous to allow children to play in the rain. 

Furniture is not for play. 

When buying maternity wear.. stick with shirts that cover the entire circumference area of the belly. 
Never allow children to use play equipment without following the instructions of said equipment.
Don't be like Britney.. use child safety seats. 
Teach siblings how to play without being rough. 
Don't allow children to enter the ocean without being right by their side in case they could be knocked down by fast water. 
Teach your children the value of modesty..

I am going to tag: -C, Page, Abbey and Sarah.  Get to it women! and anyone else who wants to do this fun post.  


Abby Warren said...

how cute! thanks for your post on my blog, very encouraging! i actually read your birth story last week. a friend sent me the link. after reading it, i am pretty sure i was there the day you delivered. i work in L&D. so funny, but i think one of my friends took care of you=). email me sometime if you want. i am not sure about putting any more detailed info on a blog with hippa and all=) i need to be able to go back to work after i have this baby. my email is abbytwarren@yahoo.com

Michelle said...

Ha! That was funny. Those pics were so great.

Rachel said...

Great Job, Rachel!!! :) I love the modesty one.

Sarah said...

I will try but no one will be able to top the AWESOME advice you just shared! Priceless!!! :)

Gina said...

That's a cute post. :) :)

Dollar General said...

That was so good...I really can't compete! My oldest were born in the day before DIGITAL CAMERAS! I would have to scan some of their pictures! And Mary...she hasn't done much! We'll see what I can come up with - yours is VERY CUTE! I love how all the advice just flies right out the window in reality! You just start doing what works! And all of it sounds really good but you know...

Being a kid can be so fun!

Jaci Spain said...

Too funny! I love the pregnant picture...LOL! I hate looking back at pregnant pictures of myself:)

Missy said...

That is hilarious!!!!
It's great that you have so many pictures to document the fun of mothering :)

Michelle said...

I wish everyone would do this. I have been laughing way more than normal from all these. Thanks again for posting!