Thursday, September 11, 2008

I did IT!

Confetti everywhere, horns blowing, an uproar of applause!  Can you hear it all?  why all the rejoicing?  Because I did it!  What is "it" you ask?  I went out with all three of the littles by MYSELF.  (insert my 3 yr olds "I do it all by myself").  

I was in the shower by 6:30 this morning bc my boys are intent on torturing me by getting up early these days.  not to mention my daughter tortures me throughout the night (not really but I do get little cat naps in between feedings).   Anyway, had my shower and then took the boys to MDO by 9 a.m.  Then Eva and I headed over to the thrift store so I could get some transition shirts for me and pants for Jorgito.  To bad I came out with more than that.  ;-)

Then I headed home and did some cleaning and laundry.  Picked the boys up by noon and we all came home for naps.  I got a good hour nap in before Eva needed to eat.  

Then I got brave..I decided (once I found out that my husband would be coming home late) to take the boys (and girl) to Chickfila for dinner.  It went better than I thought and the only flaw was that I forgot Eva's pacifier at home so I had to hold her while trying to eat.  The only reason we left "early" was because of discipline issues with my oldest (some things never change).  Then I headed over to Walmart to buy some more laundry detergent.  That actually was better than dinner.  Alex rode in the big part of the cart for the first time and did great, Eva was in the car seat at the front and Jorge walked beside the cart.  Good times were had by all.  Even picked up an extra paci for Eva (so I could leave on in the car).  

Came home and did baths and then put those wild boys in the bed.  Now Im just waiting for Eva to eat at 10 and then hopefully get a few hours of sleep.  But I am proud that I ventured out and noone got injured... namely me.  Ha!  

We'll see what tomorrow holds! 


Greta said...

Awesome! Don't you feel so accomplished?! What wonderful little kiddos you have :).

alli said...

seriously. You deserve a big party with lots of sweet pastries and balloons!

Speaking of sweet pastries.

I totally took my Gestational Diabetes test, and flunked it. I take the 3 hour one Monday.

I flunked it big time.

I think of you often, and smile when I read your posts!

Dollar General said...

and no lost children or panic attacks - that means you should have LOTS of are made for it! ;)

Rachel said...

Yay!! Congrats!!