Monday, September 1, 2008

Some Favorites..

Here are some things i've pondered today (or the past couple of days)...

-life always seems to be sweeter when there is a newborn to hold. 

-even the most rambunctious toddler appreciates an itty bity baby. 

-No matter how little sleep you get at night.. when daybreak comes, God gives enough strength to get through that day. 

-When you left for the hospital.. your then youngest child was so little and seemed so young.  When you come home from the hospital (with your newborn) they seem huge and almost grown. 

-Im not so sure that the third baby is "laid back" as much as it being mommy is "laid back" the third time around.   Everything isn't as nerve wracking as before.  You take it as it comes. 

Of course whats a post without a picture or two? 

Daddy dressing his little girl.. 

The cute "little toddler" that grew up over night.. lol.. 


care-in said...

Amen on #3 and I realized #4 too after Evangeline was born. Good for you for being laid back...I'm working on it!

Natalie said...

Sweet daddy.
And OMGoodness, even my 1 year old will seem HUGE!
Love you girl and I just know you're enjoying this sweet baby girl.

Emily Davis said...

Hey Rachel, I'm Tonisha's co-worker. I would love to talk to you about natural childbirth. I am due in June. Please e-mail at
Thanks! Emily Davis