Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Update

The pictures aren't in "order" because I need to tell you this story first.  Jorge (my son) is obsessed with the color purple (hey.. isn't that a movie?).  That is his favorite color, by far.  Well today the obsession was taken a bit further...when he.. (eh hem) stole from the church!  
After he came home he of course had to change clothes.  Big Jorge grabbed his shorts to throw them in the hamper and felt something... 
Apparently my dear son swipped four purple crayons from his classroom.  
Not sure which item to be worried about most: 
1.  My son stole from the church
2.  My son's anal tendencies had him taking only the purple crayons.. 
3. (my husbands biggest concern) that I could have washed the shorts and dried them WITH the crayons still in the pocket.  

Anyway.. here are some pics from the rest of our weekend. 

Going to the park by our house (technically this pic was taken on the way back..oh well).. 
Eva's first ride in the radio flyer.... with Alex
This is Alex's first ride with.. with Jorge.. (sept 2006)

Big Jorge pulling the kids (little girl from the neighborhood) with his belt.. makes it easier I suppose.. 

Eva's first official bath.. Not a fan. She did much better tonight.. although she does not like the getting dressed part. 
Or the lotion part. 

Alex seriously dislikes wearing pajamas with long sleeves.. Alex also seriously dislikes when his daddy takes pictures of him while he is crying. 

However, the night will end on a happy note.. one last "time" to jump off the couch onto the cushions.. Notice Jorge's face and how close he is to his brother. 

White boy (well.. and Mexican) can JUMP!

It was a busy weekend.. I will try to talk more later.. right now it's 8:23 and I need to go to walmart.. yuk.  


Dollar General said...

I love the jump pics - that looks like so much fun!

Missy said...

That is some serious jumpin!

Little Eva is so cute :)

Jaci Spain said...

Funny pictures! I think I have a picture of Jorge & Alex in the wagon at the Fall Festival a couple years ago:)

Michelle said...

Those pictures are so great! And I'm impressed that you just had a baby and you are able to be snapping great pics and blogging about it. I LOVE the story about the purple crayons. How funny that he would choose to steal 4 purple crayons. Chad had an OBSESSION with the color yellow. He talked about it all the time. It was weird.

Abbey said...

Great pictures!
Little Eva is beuatiful! :) You feeling good?