Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Daddy Daycare

My awesome husband took an extra week off of work so that I could heal some more.  Which means he is taking care of the boys all on his own.  Which also means that daddy runs his show differently...

In his show going to the park at high noon still in your Pj's and cowboy boots is cool.

he is teaching the boys to share (cute)

And also teaching them how to hang on (or not)

and also teaching the art of daddy's outdoor potty training!

Good times.


Greta said...

You have a sweet husband ;). (And of course, like I haven't said a thousand times already, cute, cute boys!)

Doesn't it just warm your heart for him to do "boy" stuff with them? I love it!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! I have to show this to my husband, who, I think, is sometimes afraid to do things the "wrong way." I especially love the pjs and cowboy boots! And I definitely plan on 'outdoor potty training'!! (even if we have a girl someday.) It's way too convenient not to teach them this useful skill.

Jaci Spain said...

Too funny! I love the boots and pj's!

care-in said...

Ah yes...Daddy's do things a little different!

Sarah said...

That is AWESOME!!! Daddy days are so much fun for everyone! (so long as we can let go and go with the flow)