Thursday, August 7, 2008

First up.. Naomi Hope!

So those of you who know Shelley Walls will be thrilled to know that she has another little girl: Naomi Hope.  I headed down to Columbus on Monday of this week to go and hold her.  She is too cute.  Of course Jim and Shelley's other two bambinos have blonde hair but Naomi Hope has brown hair.  Its such a contrast from the other two that I joke that she must be half hispanic. HA!  She is so sweet and adorable.  She isn't loved at all by anyone in that house (haha).  Here are some cute pictures of her.  

Mommy and daughter (#2)

looks like a smile....

This is Thatcher.  He is too funny.. the first thing he said when he woke up from his nap (he ran into the living room and said...) "Say..Harley.. Daaavidsooon!"  it was priceless. 
Ella Grace. Genious child.  At the rate Shelley is going (teaching her) she is going to HAVE to homeschool!  lol
Us and her beautiful Kiddos. 

Shelley, I am so proud of you.  you did a great job getting that little girl here and I can't wait for her and Eva to grow up together.  You are a great mommy and I know you got a great man there with you too!  Besides what husband gives up his SUV for a Volvo??? lol. 

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