Friday, August 8, 2008

BRING IT ON! I don't care.....

gimmie your best shot.. because at the end of the day (well actually tomorrow) Im headed to the beach. 

Well, I didn't want to say it out loud until I had actually booked the trip, which happened last night.  We are leaving tomorrow evening and coming back on Monday night.  Its short but it will be oh so sweet!  I have been trying to get to the beach all summer and it just wasn't happening.  My great friend Christina W., who doesn't read my blog btw (what's up with that?) is throwing a baby shower for me tomorrow at her house.  I am so excited I can hardly contain my excitement.  For the first time I have a shower that is color specific (PINK) and its for a GIRL!  How fun.  My day will only get better as we will head off for the beach after the shower.  

What fun.  But you know, there has to be some build up to having such a fantastical day.  I mean, your kids need to keep you frazzled, or at least attempt it.  Its Murphy's law, right?   Well, Jorgito started the process today.  I went into the boys room this morning and its spelled like pee.  Alex had a "big" diaper so I changed it and thought all was well...that is until I stepped in front of the dresser.  My feet stepped into a nice puddle of urine that Jorge deposited.  Of course I cleaned it up, disciplined my child and went about my day.  It wasn't until I asked Jorge to get dressed by picking out some shorts and a shirt, that I got more info on the earlier pee extravaganza.  He brought out a pair of shorts and said, "mommy I not wear these.. they got pee on dem."  Of course I asked how his shorts out of his drawer could get pee on them and grabbed them only to see that they didn't just have pee on them.. I could have wrung the shorts in a cup and won a prize, they were drenched.  

Ever have a light bulb moment?   One where you walked into a room, everything looked normal, but then something happens and you remember seeing something in the room that looked out of place but didn't know until later at that exact moment.  Well that was what happened.  I ran back to Jorge's room and noticed the shorts/pants drawer of his dresser (second from the bottom) was pulled out slightly.  As soon as my hand touched the clothes my skin turned red and steam started to shoot from my ears.  Jorge had, earlier, when I thought he just peed on the floor, actually stood in his dresser drawer and peed on his clothes AND on the floor.  For all those concerned, this is why every piece of furniture in our house is bolted to the wall.  Anyway, my son got his just "reward" for that, again.  And now I have another load of laundry for today.   

But that's okay.. im going to be opening lots of pretty gifts tomorrow and eating crab legs by Sunday!  I hope my kids can come... if they make it to then!  lol. 


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