Thursday, August 7, 2008

Second...boys room and Gymnastics!

Okay I only have two picture to show you of the boys room.  Sorry just two. I don't have the verse up but Big Jorge did get the letters on the wall and I hung up the pictures.  (priorities, right?)  Im still hatching out a plan for how to get that verse on the wall.  I promise to get more pics when the room is all put together.. which will probably be never. 

Then there are pictures of us at my little sister's (Rachel Terry) gym.  She is a headed to UA next week to start school and is also going to be doing gymnastics for Alabama.  Very exciting.  She is, quite obviously, incredible.  She recently had her 18th birthday and had a belated party for her close friends (and us bc she knew our boys would love it) at her gym here in the Ham.  

Jorge jumping in the "cube pit."  Thats Rachel to the right of him. 
All my men in the pit. 
Alex and his Nana jumping on one of the trampolines. 
Proof picture that I actually attempted the pit.  I eventually had to be pulled out since that thing is VERY difficult to get out of.  
Jorge and daddy jumping in together. 
Alex on the bars.  I love the look on his face.  And yes he does have swim trunks on.. long story. 
Jorge didn't really grasp the concept of the rolling donut.  but he still thought it was cool. 
Alex contemplating how to get out of the pit. 
We had a great time.  I wish this place (JFJ Elite) would open its door for birthday parties but I know its a huge liability.  At any rate Im sure it would be fun to sign them up for gymnastics.  There are so many cool things to "play" on and with.  ;-)


Jaci Spain said...

I love the room! It looks SO cute! How is the room sharing going so far?

Missy said...

The letters and pics are so cute. I love letters in kids rooms, it makes it special. I'm sure they will love sharing that room for years to come :)