Sunday, August 17, 2008

Random post

So Jorge's teacher called me tonight.  Her name is Angie (or Mrs. Angie).  She was very sweet.  I had already met her a couple of weeks ago when I picked up the registration form.  She is pregnant with her third as well but is due in November, I think.  Anyway, she was scheduling a sit down meet and greet for us and of course it is on August 28th.. If i have not had Eva before that date.. then I will be induced by the 27th or 28th.  But I told her that Big Jorge could take him then if he was up to it.  Its only a 30 minute meeting.  

I felt much better after talking to her.  I know Jorge will only be going two days a week, but that is still a lot to me.  I know he will be fine, but I still worry about how well he will adjust.  She was very sweet and knew exactly what to say to reassure me.  Good woman!  Also a mom!

Okay so I accomplished NOTHING on my to do list.  Although I did get the boys clothes put in their appropriate age box (from the attic) that don't fit anymore.  it wasn't on the list, because I forgot to put it on there.  So of course I have to add it just so that I can cross it off.  I am seriously going to finish the four loads of laundry (fold and put away)... tomorrow.  After I do one of the other things on the to do list.  ;-)

I am getting excited about meeting our little princess.  I get about 1 to 2 braxton's every hour and each time it just reminds me that we really are going to meet her soon. Yes, I know, that braxton's aren't actually efficient contractions... but the uterus is practicing.  I just like that it reminds me of what is going to happen!  Pain will mean holding her!  Yay!

I also need to tell a funny thing Jorge said today.  When we drop him off in his room at church he always asks "mommy, you go hear about Jesus?"  and I say yes and then tell him that he is going to hear about Jesus too.  This is a normal routine.  Even if we are going to the church just to drop off a book at the library he asks the same thing.  Well today we went to our church for Sunday school but went to my mother in laws church for service (bc my new nephew Kevin was being dedicated).  At her church, Jorge gets to come to the service with us (because its a hispanic church and everyone's kids are in there).  Although, we do take Alex to the nursery.  Well on the way to "Bita's" church (nickname for his grandmother) he said this: 

Jorge:  Mommy you take Alex to his room first?  then take Jorge first? (he meant second)

Me: Yes baby.  Mommy is going to take Alex to his room first and then you can go to your room (even though I knew he doesn't go to a room, he comes with us). 

Jorge: No mommy.. you take Alex to his room.  I no want to hear about Jesus anymore.  

We laughed out loud on that one.  I knew it wasn't anything against Jesus, but that was his way of saying, "no Alex is going to his room and Im coming with you guys."  It was too funny! 

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Missy said...

Well it just seems that he has arrived in his spiritualality ;)

Wow, it is the final countdown!
How exciting!!!