Friday, August 22, 2008

Im in SHOCK!

Well folks.. had my appointment. Let me remind you that the last time I was checked I was 40% effaced and closed, tight.  That was two weeks ago.  

During his check today this is how the conversation went:

Dr. R- So your going to feel some pressure....(followed by a very confused look as he keeps on with the exam)

Me: C'mon (bc of the look on his face) please tell me that the cervix is at least softened some...

Dr. R: Softened??  You're 5 Centimeters!!!  and 70% effaced! 

Of course, we both were very shocked!  5 Cm??  Wow!  Thats half way there and i didn't even have to work for it!  I did tell him that I was having braxtons every 20 minutes for the past week.  To which he said, "well obviously they aren't just braxtons.  They just aren't very painful, but they are working for you."  

So now what?  Im at home waiting.  I did put on the Clary Sage oil on my belly and Im about to go lay down with the boys nap time and hopefully this evening we will have some work to do!  And MAYBE we can be holding our little girl this weekend sometime.  

Dr. R said, before he stripped my membranes "now if I do this it will certainly get things going.  do you want to do it?"  I obviously said yes!  But then told him I wasn't going to listen to his prediction about it happening this weekend bc I didn't want to get my hopes up.  

Too late!  LOL.  


Rachel said...

AWESOME!! Congrats - oh it's so exciting to maybe come early!!
I will say that it is wise not to get your hopes up too much - although I love Dr. R and he is my fave doc, he told me starting at 35 weeks that Ali was definitely going to come early, and kept telling me that the whole time. Two days after my due date, he induced me. SOOOO. . he can tend to be a bit optimistic.
HOWEVER, 5 cm certainly doesn't lie!!!

Sarah said...

I am praying for you!!!! I just told Jerry yesterday that I needed to call you and see if your little one had come yet.

-C said...

Wow! That's some awesome news. :) I'm praying for no pitocin. :)

Dollar General said...

VERY EXCITED! I can't wait to see her! I'm pretty excited about reading your birth story too! I know it will be exciting - especially if Dr. R delivers! WHOO HOO!

Jennifer said...

I'm excited too. Dr. R. delivered Elijah, and is so great. I am with C- and hope for no pitocin and those harder contractions that can come with it. You can do this! YEA!!!

Anonymous said...

Rachel, I am so curious to know how you are doing this morning (I mean, I even came to check out your blog, so you know that I am VERY anxious. For those of you reading my comment, I really dislike phones and computers. I am sure you are at home laboring right now. LOVE YOU!!!!

Missy said...

hehee,hooh, hehee, hooh

Congrats!!!! Good luck!!!

I never saw 5 centimeters till at least 12 hours into you and that cervix go girl!!!!