Friday, August 8, 2008

Mexican Labor!

This is my sweet man replacing the starter in my van.  Yes I can say "Mexican Labor" because he's mexican, oh and I asked him if I could title my post that way.  He came home from work, put his grubby shirt on and started work on the car.  He is so talented.  When I started taking pictures he asked me why?  I said, "to brag about you on my blog."  To which he replied, "Don't brag yet.. Im not done yet."  LOL. 

His trusty tools.  And of course the ever needed Haynes Manual.  

Contemplating the proverbial, "Now, why is there an extra fitting (screw)?"

Making sure he's doing as the manual says.  Yep.. of course he is!

He knew it all along.  He is so good!  And of course it cranked right up!  Whatta man!

He does oil changes and brakes too.  Although he says he will never do rear brakes!  He'll pay someone to do that!  Apparently you need special tools for that.. and special patience.  Ha!

Seriously my man is a handy man.  I love having him around.  He's good for other stuff too.. obviously!  Ha!

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