Friday, August 29, 2008

That's how I roll...

I said earlier that I would make a post about my entourage that was my lifeline during the delivery. I know that all those present may be tempted to think that they were there only because Im a social butterfly and want to open the door for a party in the delivery room, but the truth is that I could NOT have done it without everyone's help. Here are my heroes that made the day a success.

Obviously my amazing husband.  My coach!  I wanted him right there next to me the entire time.  He was so comforting and was my biggest fan.  In this photo he is supporting all of my weight as I started a painful contraction on the way to the potty. 

My nurses: Courtney and Nicole.  Courtney (on left) wants a natural childbirth and was so awesome and supportive from the first introduction!  They both did an amazing job!

Jennifer and Christina.  These girls were amazing.  I know they thought they would just sit back and watch but they got to do much more.  They were my support as I did squats and even helped massage my back and feet.  Thanks Chistina for bringing the massage oil!  Great idea. 

Oh my sister!  Mishka and her oldest, Livia.  It was Mishka's birthday and so she got her birthday wish.. for her and my daughter to have the same birthday.  And Livia loved watching all of it unfold... although she will now tell you that she is not going to have babies because it hurts too much.. lol. 

she must have been hiding because this is the only picture of Lori I have (that's not a candid shot).  Lori, Lori, Lori.. No way in the world to express how thankful I was to have her there.  I've already had that conversation with her so I won't go into it again or it would take three pages.  this woman has the experience (her own three birthing center births) and boy did she help us get through this birth with all her knowledge!  You Rock Girlfriend!

Pictures of friends in action:

and there is Ruth T. she did a great job even though I wasn't sure she would want to see me hurt like that.  

I can't thank you all enough.. from keeping the contraction log, to scratching, rubbing, encouraging, laughing, praying.. you guys did it all.  I am so thankful to have friends (& family) like you.  It makes me look on back on that day and truly treasure it all the more.  

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