Thursday, September 18, 2008

Field Trip..

Eva got to visit her daddy today while he was at work. After I took the boys to MDO, she and I headed over to UAB to see daddy (and show her off). ;-P Then we went to lunch at Los Juanes (yum!). It was fun introducing Eva to the people at Jorge's work, since I feel like I know them from stories he tells me (good ones, guys!).

Me and my handsome hubby..and Eva of course..and the jolly green giant (paci). 

This is Harriet (holding Eva) and Jennifer..they are on the same surgical team that Jorge is on.  

Thanks ladies for being so sweet with my baby girl.. it was fun to show her to you guys!

On a different note.. when I brought the boys home and put them in their beds for nap time Alex and Jorge decided to have a contest.  Who could yell the loudest and longest in one single breath.  Of course they were happy and laughing hysterically while they screamed for about three minutes.  I thought about going back there and putting an end to it.. but it was quite funny..and I thought, "what is it hurting?"  Then after about three minutes of it.. it got very quiet.   Very quiet.  The kind you think, "uh oh.. what are they up to?"  But guess what, they were passed out asleep.  So note to self:  if you want to wear your kids out.. let them have a screaming contest!  lol.  


Anonymous said...

i'm really glad you've had a great time on all your outings since having eva, except the one i went on with you! i'm being sarcastic, and kidding of course! how sweet that jorge got to show off his little princess at work. i'm really excited about being able to take fritz to see his papa's new 'workplace'. wish he had someone to scream with before bed time so he'd sack out. hmm, maybe he needs a sibling...

Rachel Garcia, CD(DONA) said...

lol.. you are a goofball. . i did have fun with just wore me out!
and YES for crying out loud.. Fritz needs a sibling.. LIKE NOW! so chop chop!

Jaci Spain said...

First of all, wow I can't believe you already took all 3 kids to the zoo by yourself:) And second of all I am a bit jealous of the whole MDO thing..LOL I'm just kidding! I'm glad your doing it and able to have some time alone with Eva.

Rachel said...

Too cute!! As of yesterday I have had 5 surgeries at 5 hospitals in B'ham, but haven't hit UAB yet. Maybe that'll be next and I'll get to meet these sweet people :)

And I love the screaming contest - hilarious.

Cynthia said...

Rachel I'm so glad I've stumbled upon your blog and can keep up with your family. You have a beautiful family, btw! What a blessing. I love all the pics!