Sunday, September 28, 2008

My little blue eyed angel is TWO!

Is it September 29th already? My sweet Alex.. I can't believe that you are already two years old.  How fast it has gone.  You are such a joy to me and your daddy (and Jorge and Eva love you too!).  Those blue eyes and affectionate kisses melt my heart and make me treasure you all the more.  

Our first time seeing you.. already smitten.
Your brother loved you immediately too..
You loved to snuggle up with daddy.. and look at all your hair!
at 6 weeks we got our first of many smiles.. you sure do love to make us laugh. 
Kisses from your brother.. so sweet. 

You boys love getting baths together.

the eyes that have my heart!
From the beginning you love to pick on your brother. 
always quite the character.. 
The shirt says it all.. you definately know how to keep us on our toes
having fun at the amusement park..
Daddy putting his hat on you.. so cute
still sleeping like a baby.. 
You love your baby sister. 

Alex.. you are a joy to my heart.  Yes you are a determined child, but I trust that the Lord will use that determination for his purposes. God has great plans for you my sweet boy!  We are so thankful that you are apart of our family.  We would be lost without you.  Happy Birthday my angel baby!


Missy said...

So sweet. Those blue eyes are so stunning. He is going to be a knockout!
Hope ya'll have a fun Birthday Day!

Michelle said...

He is so CUTE!!! Those pictures are adorable. And those eyes...

Jaci Spain said...

Happy Birthday Alex!! So sorry we can't make it to the party:( Hope ya'll have a fun day...